Volunteer Spotlight: Charles & Leta Hoit

Throughout National Volunteer Week (April 21-27, 2013), we will spotlight four of Lakeshore’s valuable volunteers. Today we recognize Charles and Leta Hoit.

Charles and Leta Hoit have become Lakeshore’s MVPV’s (Most Valuable Pioneer Classic Volunteers). Every January you can find them side by side at the scoring tables.

Leta enjoys sharing how they found Lakeshore. “Originally we were introduced to  Lakeshore by a friend who was a teenager at the time asking for volunteers for [Pioneer Classic] wheelchair basketball tournament,” she said. “We were trained to keep the scorebook and time clock. We had previous experience with this so we were comfortable doing it. Our first weekend volunteering at Lakeshore was outstanding! We were hooked!

We are constantly amazed at the abilities that these men, women and children have playing the sports they love. The Lakeshore staff, as well as the visiting coaches and players, were very kind. We have done this for four years and continue to love it! It is cool when the referees recognize you and thank you for being there.”

Charles and Leta – Thank you for all your time and dedication!

Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week has grown exponentially in scope each year since, drawing the support and endorsement of all subsequent United States presidents, governors, mayors and other respected public officials.

National Volunteer Week is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. It;s about demonstrating to the nation that by working together, in unison, we have the fortitude to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals. National Volunteer Week is about taking action, encouraging individuals and their respective communities to be at the center of social change — discovering and actively demonstrating their collective power to foster positive transformation.

National Volunteer Week is not only our moment in time to celebrate our volunteers, but to enable a nation to share ideas, practices and stories, wherever they happen thereby shaping a movement to re-imagine the notion of citizenship in the 21st century.