Strength & Conditioning

A teen boy uses a seated chest press in the SSPC strength and conditioning space.

Our Strength & Conditioning packages include both in-person and remote options, so you can unlock your peak performance from anywhere in the country. Choose a plan that fits with your timeline – four, eight or 12 weeks – and is tailored to your skill level.

All custom training plans will include:

  • Consultation: Meet one-on-one with our Strength and Conditioning expert to discuss your current training needs and experience. 
  • Program Design: After your meeting, our Strength and Conditioning expert will customize a training plan based on your individual goals. 
  • Weekly Check-in: Touch base with our Strength and Conditioning expert weekly to see how the plan is progressing and if changes need to be made.  
  • Access to Education: Dive even deeper into your training with podcasts and other information posted to our online resource library at your own pace.  
  • CoachMePlus: You will receive a personal profile on Lakeshore SSPC’s CoachMePlus account. This system allows for quick access to the suggested workout for that day and seamless, secure communication between you and our Strength and Conditioning expert.  
  • Post-Plan Follow Up: At the conclusion of your training program, meet with our Strength and Conditioning expert once more to discuss the action plan for training and receive advice on how to continue progression moving forward. 

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Individual Athletes