Sports Performance Assessments & Data Analysis

A woman participates in a CO2 test while SSPC monitor her stats

Our Sports Performance Assessments and Data Analysis offerings are available to both individual athletes and teams. Due to the nature of the assessments, these packages are only available in-person. Participants can customize assessments from our menu of services or choose one of our assessment packages.

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All packages will include options for body composition, sport-specific skills, strength and power, and cardiovascular training.

Example packages (our team will customize your selected package to best meet your needs):

Athlete for Life 

  • Anthropometric (Body Measurements) and Body Composition  
  • 1 Sport Specific Assessment  
  • 1 Strength or Power Assessment  
  • 1 Submaximal Cardiorespiratory Assessment  

Elite Competitor 

  • Anthropometric (Body Measurements) and Body Composition (DEXA scan)  
  • 1 Peak Cardiorespiratory test  
  • 1 Sport Specific Assessments  
  • 1 Functional Strength or Power Assessment  


  • Anthropometric (Body Measurements) and Advanced Body Composition (DEXA scan)  
  • Metabolic Testing, including Resting Metabolic Rate  
  • 1 Peak Cardiorespiratory Test  
  • 2 Sport Specific Assessments  
  • 1 Strength or Power Assessment  

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