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Our nutrition services are available both in-person and virtually, and include special a la carte services or multi-week plans. Personalized packages will include multi-week nutrition plans designed to help you reach your peak performance.

All customized Sports Nutrition packages will include:

  • Consultation: Meet with our Registered Dietitian in Sports Nutrition to discuss current caloric needs, dietary preferences, and upcoming training schedules. Utilizing a DEXA and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) assessment will enhance the consultation experience. 
  • Program Design: Our Nutrition team will customize a meal plan based on your individual goals. If the DEXA and RMR assessments are available, they will be used to fine tune the program to your specific needs. 
  • Weekly Check-In: Meet with our Nutrition team once a week to see how the plan is progressing and if changes need to be made.  
  • Access to Education: Get even more out of your customized plan with podcasts and other information from sports nutrition experts posted to our online resource library 
  • CoachMePlus – You will receive a personal profile on Lakeshore SSPC’s CoachMePlus account. This system allows for quick access to prescribed documents from our nutrition experts and will encourage seamless, secure communication between you and SSPC staff.  
  • Post-Plan Follow up – When the plan concludes, you will meet with our staff to discuss an action plan for training and receive advice on how to continue moving forward. 

Nutrition services include:

  • A consultation with a registered dietitian specializing in Sports Nutrition
  • An assessment of calorie and nutrient needs
  • A dietary analysis
  • Individualized nutrition plans
  • A review of current vitamin and supplement strategies
  • Macronutrient composition and hydration
  • Weekly email support
  • Access to online education via our learning management system
  • Resting Metabolic Rate consultation
  • DEXA scan

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