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Sports Performance Assessment & Data AnalysisA female wheelchair basketball athlete pushes her chair while dribbling a ball during a testing session at the Lakeshore Sports Science and Performance Center

In order to maximize your athletic potential, you need to know where to start. Our performance testing & data analysis services offer a variety of assessments designed to calculate and analyze your current fitness level. Test results help you set realistic goals and unlock your full potential. Assessment categories include body composition, metabolic rate, strength & power, functional ability, and sport-specific skills. Click here to view a complete listing of our Sports Performance Assessment offerings.

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Strength & ConditioningA male athlete with a prosthetic leg uses a leg press machine in the Lakeshore Sports Science and Performance Center while an SSPC staff member spots him.

Take a holistic approach to your training. In our strength and conditioning program, athletes will work one-on-one with certified specialists to achieve their maximum athletic potential. The program will cover a multitude of areas including strength, endurance and recovery. 

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NutritionA male amputee (both legs) stands next to a non-disabled woman while cooking in an accessible kitchen.

Food is the fuel that drives performance. Our expert nutritionists provide you with powerful knowledge how your nutrition impacts your performance. From and how to incorporate effective eating habits into their daily routines to personalized meal plans, our nutrition services are tailored to your needs. In our sports nutrition program, athletes will learn the ins and outs of how nutrition impacts their performance and how to incorporate effective eating habits into their daily routines. 

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Mental PerformanceA wheelchair rugby coach and athlete meet online.

In order to compete at peak performance, you need to be fit physically and mentally. Our mental performance experts will work with you to develop a training plan that enhances your mental skills including focus, confidence, resiliency, stress management and more. Your plan will be customized to meet your specific athletic goals. 

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