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Research Funding Opportunities

Lakeshore Sports Science and Performance Center is offering research grants for PhD students and advanced researchers conducting sports science and performance research in athletes with disabilities and/or adapted sports.

Academic Research Opportunities

  • Sports Science Research Projects in Disabled Athletes Program: for established researchers
  • Lakeshore Sports Science Scholars Program: for PhD students and early career researchers

Below you will find the grant funding guide, which provides all you need to know about this opportunity. If interested in applying, email a letter of intent (details in funding guide) by 5 p.m. CST on April 25, 2024. We will invite applicants responsive to this funding opportunity to submit a full application. You may also email any questions you have about this funding opportunity.

Research Funding Guide

About Lakeshore Sports Science and Performance Center

Lakeshore Sports Science and Performance Center (SSPC) aims to create greater disability equity in sports performance and advance sports science research. Lakeshore SSPC provides disabled athletes an unrivaled training experience, combining science-driven sports performance services with expert knowledge, online resources, and cutting-edge facilities, so athletes at any stage of their journey can achieve peak performance.

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