Our Facility

Performance Lab

The Performance Lab is dedicated to assessing human performance in speed, strength, endurance, and balance. The lab features some state of the art testing equipment that allows for assessments to be run both inside the lab and in the field. The Performance Lab is also one of the few locations that now owns the new K5 Cosmed portable metabolic cart with the Aquatrainer system. This system allows for detailed water-based aerobic assessment were previously limited to dry land testing only.

Strength & Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioing space is dedicated to the physical improvement of athlete’s skills in the field through strength and cardiovascular training. The space bosts over 2300 square feet space with a full compliment of top level equipment from Cybex, Hammer Strength, Eleiko, Rouge and Concept2.

Rest & Recovery

Rest and Recovery is the cornerstone of a complete training program and the real secret to building a winning training program. This is a unique space is situated just outside the Strength and Conditioning area and is dedicated to pre-exercise warm up and post exercise rest and recovery. This room will include Normatec compression systems, stretching table, foam rollers and Zero Gravity chairs.

High Performance Weightlifting

This unique 1,100 square foot space is dedicated to high performance weightlifting, including Olympic weightlifting and traditional powerlifting. The room includes a full Hammer Strength power rack and three lifting platforms for Olympic weightlifting and traditional powerlifting.

Body Composition Lab

This lab is dedicated to the analysis of body composition and measuring daily caloric intake. The lab includes a brand new GE Lunar Prodigy DXA scanner and a Parvo Medics True One 2400 metabolic cart with resting metabolic rate hood method capability.