SEC Proudly Supports Jennifer Schuble and Lima Foxtrot

The Southeastern Conference is a proud supporter of Lakeshore Lima Foxtrot programs for injured military. Lima Foxtrot participant Jennifer Schuble was recognized at the 2016 SEC Football Championship Game for her service and athletic accomplishments.

Meet Jennifer.

It is not easy to reach the pinnacle of sport, but even more challenging than ascending to the top is staying motivated, dedicated and at the peak. Homewood, Alabama resident Jennifer Schuble is well versed in this challenge. Schuble, an engineer in the production control department at Mercedes-Benz, balances a 40-hour work week, two-hour road training sessions each evening, biweekly weight lifting sessions at Lakeshore Foundation, and weekend velodrome workouts in Atlanta. She also squeaks in a few minutes each day to eat, sleep and play with her English bulldogs. Through her persistent work and dedication, Schuble has become one of the top Paralympic cyclists in the United States.

Sport has been a constant in Schuble’s life. Growing up in Houston, Texas she began sports thanks to her older siblings.

“I just followed my siblings to sports, and I turned out to be good,” said Schuble.

Swimming, volleyball, softball, basketball, track, soccer – every sport that was available, Schuble tried and excelled. By high school she was approached by college coaches in track and soccer. Forced to choose one sport, she looked to her other passion for guidance.

“When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut,” Schuble said with a grin. “I had a passion for flight.”

An Air Force Academy baseball cap was a constant component of her daily wardrobe, and a model rocket and jet collection was the decoration of choice for her bedroom. She chose to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point where she could continue sport and train to be a pilot. One day during a hand-to-hand combat class, Schuble sustained a traumatic brain injury. She was transferred to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where she began to learn how to live with her disability and reevaluate her plan.

“At that point I was fighting to stay fit for duty,” said Schuble.

In 1999, after much contemplation, Schuble decided to make the move to The University of Alabama and study production operations research. She graduated with her bachelor and graduate degrees and shifted her focus from planes to cars.

The year after graduation Schuble was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which affects her balance, motor functions and causes spasticity and numbness. Schuble found that physical activity greatly reduced her MS symptoms. She also found Lakeshore Foundation. Because she acquired a disability during her military service, Schuble qualified for Operation Endurance, one of Lakeshore’s Lima Foxtrot programs for injured military.

Operation Endurance enables local Birmingham servicemen and women who have sustained a severe injury during active duty ongoing access to Lakeshore’s fitness, recreation and athletic programs. In addition to Operation Endurance, Lakeshore hosts six annual sport and recreation camps for injured military and their families from across the country. Since 2006, Lakeshore has served over 2,200 injured servicemen and women and their families from 46 states and territories at no cost to the participants.

Shortly after Schuble began training at Lakeshore she learned about the Paralympic Movement, another component of Lakeshore. In 2003 Lakeshore earned the designation as a U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site and provides resources for aspiring Olympic and Paralympic athletes to train and compete. Schuble took her physical activity to the next level and set the goal to become a Paralympic cyclist.

In her 2007 debut at the UCI Paracycling World Championships in Bordeaux, France she captured gold. Since then, Schuble has become a three-time Paralympian (Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016), five-time Paralympic medalist, two-time Invictus Games gold medalist, two-time world recorder holder, five-time world champion and 12-time world medalist.

With each accolade she earns, Schuble continues to pedal forward.

“I have a changing disability,” said Schuble. “When I don’t work out my balance is off. I’m keeping my MS in check via bicycle.”

Schuble is also quick to point out, “I love to compete.”

While Schuble’s athletic success inducts her into a rare society of athletes, the origin of her story is common. She grew up with a love of country and sport. A disability did not change her desire to represent her nation and be physically active. Lakeshore gave Schuble the tools to begin a new path, don a new uniform and achieve new goals. For more information about Lakeshore and its Lima Foxtrot programs, click the links below.

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