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Our Facility

Collage of people participating in research projects

The Exercise and Sport Science Laboratory houses a variety of equipment dedicated to comprehensive health promotion and sport science research. In addition to the exercise testing equipment, the lab contains telecoaching stations used to monitor individuals as they are active in their homes and communities. The telehealth system will enable those who cannot physically come to the facility to work with a fitness coach to increase physical fitness and function. This diverse and unique laboratory allows for cutting edge research and endless opportunities for collaborations with top researchers in the field.


  • Biodex System 3 Isokinetic Dynamometer
  • RexEx strength equipment


  • Woodway Treadmill
  • Wheelmill System
  • Upper Body Arm Ergometer
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Rowing system
  • Parvo TruOne Metabolic Cart
  • Cosmed K4b2 Portable Metabolic Device

Body Composition

  • GE Lunar DXA Scan
  • DETECTO medical weight analyzer

Gait and Balance

  • Biodex Balance System
  • GaitRite Portable Gait Analysis System
  • Brower Timing System
  • Biodex Unweighting System

Technology Projects

  • Active Video Game Consoles: XBOX One, PlayStation 3, Wii
  • Two Telehealth Coaching stations