The U.S. Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Improve the Health and Wellness of Persons with Disabilities is based on a growing body of scientific knowledge and evidence-based practice about disability that demonstrates the importance of health and wellness for individuals with disabilities.

FITNESS & AQUATICS programs at Lakeshore serve the majority of our general membership on a daily basis. Each new member receives a free one-on-one orientation session in both the Aquatics and Fitness Centers. The orientation includes a personal meeting with a highly qualified member of our staff who will review your health history and help you set goals to meet your fitness needs with an individualized exercise plan. They will also help you determine whether individual, group exercise or a combination of both is most appropriate for you.

FAMILY HEALTH AND FITNESS is a priority at Lakeshore. We offer membership to families of eligible members who live in the immediate household and want to engage in activities and work toward fitness goals together.

YOUTH PROGRAMS at Lakeshore give young people an early start to a healthy, active and independent lifestyle. Youth as young as six months old can engage in ongoing land and water based activities.  We also host special seasonal activities and a variety of camps throughout the year for those who may not be able to come to Lakeshore on a regular basis. There are also team sports opportunities such as swimming, tennis, wheelchair basketball, track and field, goalball, archery and wheelchair rugby. All of these activities help to improve self-esteem and a sense of independence.

RECREATION opportunities abound for people with physical disabilities through the help of Lakeshore. With affiliated programs that help people take part in activities like adapted water skiing, biking, kayaking, canoeing, hunting, fishing and a variety of sports, Lakeshore strives to provide a vast array of indoor and outdoor activities. Please note that there are some recreational opportunities you do not have to be a member to participate in.

COMPETITIVE ATHLETICS at Lakeshore are the real thing. Designated as an Olympic and Paralympic training site, we offer athletes the opportunity to train and compete at any level from beginner to Paralympic. We are home to USA Wheelchair Rugby and many national championship teams including wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, youth goalball and marksmanship. We also have local Paralympic athletes that train in the sports of cycling, track and field and swimming.