Meet Lakeshore Demolition Player Sid Christian

Meet one of Lakeshore Demolition’s newest players, Sid Christian. Sid rejoined Lakeshore Foundation after many years juggling work and family life. He participated in a research study and then decided to give wheelchair rugby a try. Learn more about Sid, and watch him play this weekend at the 2017 Demolition Derby. #DemoDerby2017

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Age: 54

Team: Lakeshore Demolition

Hometown/Current Residence: Haleyville, AL / Bessemer, AL

Classification: 0.0

Occupation: Accountant

How many years have you played wheelchair rugby? Less than one

How many years have you competed at the Demolition Derby? This will be my first

What is your favorite Demolition Derby memory? I’ll get back to you on February 6!

Top athletic achievement: Making the Demolition team

How did you get involved with wheelchair rugby? I was contacted by Demolition Assistant Coach Tommy Sullivan shortly after I participated in Lakeshore’s summer recreation wheelchair rugby league.

How old were you when you began playing? 54

Favorite quote: “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ? Carl Bard

Favorite food/meal: BLT and fried egg sandwich

Favorite movie: The Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite athlete: Jesse Owens

Favorite band/musical artist: The Henningsens

Hobbies: Traveling (to the beach especially) and swimming

Fun fact about yourself: At 54, I still get to go to youth camp every summer!