Meet Lakeshore Demolition Player Aimee Bruder

Aimee Bruder is no stranger to the Lakeshore Demolition, but her athletic achievements extend far beyond the wheelchair rugby court. Aimee is a six-time Paralympian and five-time Paralympic medalist in the sport of swimming. She also works at Lakeshore. Aimee began playing wheelchair rugby ten years ago as a fun way to cross train and has now become a veteran member of the team. Learn more about Aimee, and watch her play this weekend at the 2017 Demolition Derby.

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Age: 42

Team: Lakeshore Demolition

Hometown/Current Residence: Lawrenceburg, IN/Birmingham, AL

Classification: 2.0

Occupation: Front Desk Specialist at Lakeshore Foundation

How many years have you played wheelchair rugby? 10

How many years have you competed at the Demolition Derby? 10

What is your favorite Demolition Derby memory? I love all of the friendships I have made over the years.

Top athletic achievements: Becoming a Paralympian

How did you get involved with wheelchair rugby? Kevin Orr invited me to try out the sport.

How old were you when you began playing? 32

Favorite quote: Small, but mighty

Favorite food/meal: Italian food

Favorite movie: Rudy

Favorite athlete: Cincinnati Reds World Series teams

Favorite band/musical artist: U2

Hobbies: Too many to count

Fun fact about yourself: I can hold a starburst in my mouth for 12 minutes.