Long-time Member Takes a Dip, Tries Something New

Cherise Taylor participates in Lakeshore’s cycling program.

Lakeshore is about creating opportunity. It is about pushing people outside of their comfort zone and beyond perceived expectations of what is possible. It is about showing a physically active land lover that it is not too late to take a dip and try something new. There is no physical limit to human achievement.

In August, Lakeshore staff and 11 members traveled to Adaptive Aquatics on Lay Lake for a day of water sports and recreation. Adult Adventure Day is one of several outdoor recreation events offered to Lakeshore members throughout the year. Participants were able to kayak, water ski, water tube, play recreational games, and swim. For many participants, this was the first time they experienced these activities.

Longtime member Cherise Taylor is a Lakeshore regular. Multiple times each week she visits the Fitness Center and participates in recreation programs. Although she is involved in a wide range of Lakeshore programs, there is one area that gives her hesitation – aquatics. Since acquiring her disability, she has not felt comfortable getting in water. But despite her fear, Cherise signed up.

Josie Williams kayaked for the first time during Adult Adventure Day.

Before it was Cherise’s turn to kayak, she was nervous. Staff talked with her about her concerns and walked her through how she would transfer in and out of the boat. She was also given instructions on how to maneuver and paddle. After her short orientation, Cherise was able to transfer into the kayak, paddle with friends, and let go of a long-held fear. Next, she went on a tube ride and came back ready to go again. To celebrate conquering her fear, Cherise set a new goal – to begin using Lakeshore’s Aquatics Center. See all aquatics has to offer.

It’s easy to get stuck in a physical fitness rut, especially if you are unsure or fearful of a particular activity. Lakeshore strives to provide a wide variety of classes and programs, so members will never get bored. Our staff is always ready to guide members toward activities that are fun and diverse. We want our members to enjoy their time at Lakeshore and feel comfortable in whatever program or class they choose to participate. We also want to challenge our members to push beyond the limits of what they think they can do to achieve extraordinary things.

Cherise developed her trust of Lakeshore’s staff long before she attended Adult Adventure Day. Her relationships with our staff gave her the confidence to sign up for a trip she was unsure of, kayak despite being nervous, and water tube even if it exceeded her level of comfort. Cherise challenged herself to tackle a fear and try something new. Now she will get to meet more of our great staff, learn additional ways to be active, and continue to live our motto.