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Lakeshore Life

In 2001, when the current multi-purpose facility opened, it revolutionized how and who we serve. Since that time, over one million facility visits have been made, and membership has grown to more than 3,500 individuals who receive inclusive membership packages, which offer more than 50 classes, programs, camps and competitive sports for youth and adults.

Among all of the diverse programs and opportunities available, Director of Fitness and Health Promotion Carol Kutik noticed that each department had its own method of motivating individuals and promoting Lakeshore’s mission. All of these methods were effective and specific to each program, but Kutik wanted to make sure Lakeshore’s ever-present culture of health and physical activity was consistently visible facility wide.

This desire, which was echoed by many Lakeshore staff, became one of Lakeshore’s 2016 Annual Performance Objectives, and from the objective, Lakeshore Life was born. Lakeshore Life is a health promotion program designed to reach all Lakeshore members and staff from the youngest to the oldest member. This program not only focuses on the physical activity aspect of a healthy lifestyle, but the nutritional component as well. Thanks to a grant from the Hill Crest Foundation and an in-kind donation from CRC Insurance, a new Lakeshore Life nutrition program was developed called Lakeshore Food and Fitness or LF2.