JUST TRI IT. triathlon

Run, bike, swim. Come on. JUST TRI IT.

Lakeshore is hosting the JUST TRI IT. triathlon September 14 & 15, and you are invited to participate! Click the tabs below to learn about the triathlon and get ready to JUST TRI IT.

  • Triathlon Information
  • FAQs

Lakeshore is hosting JUST TRI IT. indoor triathlon September 14 and 15. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Triathlon registration is July 17 through August 10.
  • To register, click this link to download a registration form or grab one from the Member Services Desk.
  • Cost is $5 per person.
  • All Lakeshore members age 14 and older may participate.
  • The event will be adapted for all ability levels.
  • You may participate as an individual or form a team.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers in each classification.

How long is the triathlon?

Lakeshore’s JUST TRI IT. triathlon does not have a set distance you must complete. The race will consist of a 20 minute run, 20 minute bike, and 20 minute swim. Placement will be based on the distance you travel in the time allotted.

Is the triathlon for me?

If you are 14 years or older, yes! The triathlon is for all ability levels. You may walk, run or push for the run portion, use an arm or leg bike to cycle, and you may use any stroke to swim.

How do I register?

You may download a registration form here or pick one up at the Member Services Desk. Fill it out and turn it in at the Member Services Desk along with your $5 registration fee.

Do I have to do all portions of the triathlon?

No. You may form a team and have each person complete a portion of the triathlon.

Do I need to bring my bike for the event?

No. Because this is an indoor triathlon, we will only use stationary leg and arm bikes for the event.

How will you determine winners?

Participants will be grouped into self-selected classifications based upon functional ability. The top finishers from each classification will win awards.