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Honoring Fred Sington

Fred Sington believed in the power of sport and how it could change lives. He was a kind, humble and generous man who brought out the best in people. He believed in Birmingham and spent his life serving our community and organization as a Board member and ally for inclusion. In the 20 years since his passing, Lakeshore has remained committed to the lessons and legacy he left behind. We are grateful to Mr. Sington for his support of our mission and promoting adapted sport.

Lakeshore’s Associate Director of Communications, Damian Veazey sat down with President Jeff Underwood for a Q&A session to reflect on the life and legacy of the man called “Mr. Birmingham.” 

Q: Describe the first time you met Fred Sington?
A: The first time I met him, I was in awe knowing I was in the presence of a legend. I was at a loss for words.

Q: What is your most fond memory of Mr. Sington?
A: As a kid I walked past his Homewood store all the time. I saved my money from cutting grass to buy the Stan Musial biography that was in his store window, $4.95 I think. I probably paid in coins. I still have the book, wish I had the receipt.

Q: Often referred to as “Mr. Birmngham,” what made Sington such an impactful person and sports figure in the City?
A: His commitment to using sport to make the world a better place, his pursuit of excellence in all walks of life, his humbleness and kindness, his belief in Birmingham.

Q: Share a couple of his greatest accomplishments that impacted sports in Birmingham?
A: He was named University of Alabama Player of the Century by legendary Birmingham News sportswriter Alf Van Hoose, and another is how he embraced athletes with a disability.

Q: Mr. Sington was a champion for Lakeshore Foundation, what did he do in the community to garner support for Lakeshore’s mission?
A: He offered his powerful name as well as his personal commitment to promoting athletes with disability, and he made huge progress in raising awareness of Lakeshore Foundation.