Health Resources

How to Adapt an Activity

Make sure no one is left out of your next event or game by using an activity analysis to determine the proper modifications so everyone can participate!
How to Adapt an Activity
How to Adapt Ultimate Frisbee
How to Adapt Red Light, Green Light
How to Adapt an Activity (video)

Physical Activity

Seated Mindfulness Series
Breathing and Bending
Core Coordination
Happy Feet
Holding Strong
Inner Warrior
Joyful Place
Living in the Moments
Manifesting Motions
Mindful Movements
Reaching Tall
Relaxing Lakeside
Seated Flow
Workplace Motion

30 Minute Lakeshore Fitness Classes
Active Balance with Josh Van Zandt
Tone Time with Terrie Adams
Land Based Range of Motion with Mary Teresa Smith
Let’s Go! Cardio with Sonja Ast & Katherine Hicks Harbin
Mat Yoga with Terrie Adams
ABCs of Balance Class with Josh Van Zandt
Land Based Ai Chi Class with Windy & Bob Lujano
Chair Yoga Class with Caol Kutik
Tone & Balance Class with Carol Kutik

3-7 Minute Lakeshore Workout Videos
Foot Exercises with Debra Richard
CARDio Challenge (Directions & Exercises)
Upper Body Warmup with Sonja Ast
Upper Body Workout with Katherine Hicks Harbin
Stretching Your Hamstrings with Terrie Adams
Hand Exercises with Debra Richard
Core & Balance Session with Sharon Opkins
Active Balance Session with Josh Van Zandt
Seated Yoga Session with Carol Kutik
Full-body Band Workout with USA Wheelchair Rugby
Push & Pull Exercises with USA Wheelchair Rugby
Learn about Exercise Tempo with USA Wheelchair Rugby

NCHPAD Fitness Videos & Resources
Inclusive Yoga Series
Inclusive Aging Workout Series
At-home Workout Video Series
14 Weeks to a Healthier You Online Wellness Program

Other Fitness Videos & Resources
Silver Sneakers

Kids and Family

Lakeshore Fitness & Activity Videos

Next Level Fitness for Teens
Tabata Full Body Workout
Water Those Weights? (Exercise List)

Wiggle Worm Fitness Series (3-6 year olds)
Beanbag Alphabet Fun (Exercise List)
Pick a Color Fitness (Exercise List)
Uno Attack
Sorting Fun

Brain Break Fitness Series (6 and up)
Finger Fitness (Exercise List)
Exercise Dice (Exercise List)
Fitness War (Exercise List)
Flip A Coin Fitness (Exercise List)
What’s Your Name Fitness (Exercise List)

Other Fitness Videos & Resources
Fitbound Inclusive Fitness Videos
Catch “Health at Home”
YogaFit Kids Adapted
OPEN (Online Physical Education Network)
Shape America Resources
Classroom Champions


Lakeshore Staff Recipe Series


Tension Relief Series with USA Wheelchair Rugby Sports Psychology Provider Margaret Smith

5-minute Mindfulness & Relaxation Exercise with Windy & Bob Lujano
NCHPAD Mindful Meditation Series

The National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability, which is housed at Lakeshore, is a great resource for people who may not live in the Birmingham, Alabama area. NCHPAD works to improve the health and wellness of people with disability by supporting accessible and inclusive public health promotion programs. They also provide individualized information through web-based materials and health communication. Check out all of their resources on (opens in a new tab).