Gold Medal Member Challenge Success

This summer a record breaking 743 members signed up for Lakeshore’s Gold Medal Member Challenge. This incentive encouraged members to be active at Lakeshore at least 10 times each month from June through August. Members who completed the challenge received a Challenge t-shirt and were entered into a drawing for a $300 VISA gift card. This incentive was a great motivator for members like Debra Terry and Joanna and Roy Bosko.

“Several months ago I realized I needed to increase my days at Lakeshore, now that my grandson is in day care. It was really hard to follow through on that decision. The Gold Medal Member Challenge was the push I needed! Now it’s so easy, rain or shine. I am here four days a week. My diabetes has improved, my energy level has increased and my overall attitude allows me to tackle day to day challenges in a positive way.”

– Debra Terry

“We have enjoyed the Gold Medal Member Challenge.  As seniors who met unusual goals during their lifetime, you forget the surge of adrenaline that comes challenging yourself. It is easy to get comfortable. This has been an active summer and good for our health.”

– Joanna and Roy Bosko, ages 79 and 82

As we transition into fall there are many ways to stay active and involved at Lakeshore. Check them out, and try something new!