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Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to Lakeshore and support our work of activity, research and advocacy. We invite you to choose a way that best fits you. Because every gift makes a difference and is important.

Support our Annual Fund

Lakeshore is more than a place. It is a community. Together we are Lakeshore, and with your support we can provide more opportunities for more people to be healthy and active – kids like Betsy and James.

Betsy is 11 years old and plays on our youth power soccer team, the Force. “Power soccer is my favorite because I get to play a sport and a game and be competitive. I want to win. It’s fun to win,” says Betsy.

When you give, you not only support Betsy’s athletic endeavors, you support her whole family’s health and physical activity.

Betsy and her mom swim together, and her siblings William and Ellen, participate in inclusive summer camps with Betsy.

James Cheek is 9 years old and participates in a wide variety of activities at Lakeshore, including aquatics programs. His newest interest is handcycling. “I like to go fast on it [my handcycle]. Really fast. I speed,” says James.

When you give, you not only support James’ need for speed, you allow him to explore his growing interests, try new things and set new goals.

We encourage you to donate to our We are Lakeshore annual fund. Every single dollar you give makes a difference – and changes lives. Simply click the button to donate quickly and securely online or contact Kristen Evans at or 205-313-7482.

Change for Good

Do you collect coins, or have you been given a rare coin collection that you are not sure what to do with it? Use your Change for Good, and donate your coins to Lakeshore. Your coins will be presented to a curated list of coin collectors and dealers for expert evaluation. All proceeds earned from the coin collection will go to support Lakeshore programs. For more information, contact Leon Ryan at or 205-612-3314.