Lakeshore is open to members by appointment only with limited amenities and programs. Click for details & to schedule a visit.

Lakeshore Campus Construction

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We are excited to be entering the final stages of our Campus Enhancement Plan (CEP). For the next several months, campus construction will be focused on creating the Campus Commons, an outdoor space for members and visitors. This webpage provides you with weekly updates on how the construction will impact your visit to Lakeshore.

Construction Updates for the Week of September 4-11

  • Parking highlighted in red is closed, including the stairs connecting the upper and lower parking lots.
  • Parking in the upper parking lots remains open, but you will need to take the alternate pedestrian pathways, highlighted in yellow, to Lakeshore’s entrance. The entrances to the pedestrian pathways are circled in black.
  • Construction is working to add 16 additional parking spaces, highlighted in blue. The spaces are scheduled to open approximately September 11, and five of the 16 spaces will be accessible.
  • Two van accessible spaces have been added in front of the Lakeshore Dorms. It is important that only people who require van accessible parking use these spaces.
  • Plan to arrive early for your class.
  • If you do not attend a Lakeshore class or program, consider altering the time you visit Lakeshore. Afternoons are generally less crowded as well as Thursdays and Fridays.

    We recognize this construction is inconvenient, but we are doing our best each day to minimize its impact. We are excited that the end result will create a more active, connected and beautiful campus. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Chief Program Officer Jen Allred at 205-313-7417 or or Facility Operations Director Doug Tanner at .