Advocacy at Lakeshore

Advocacy and policy encompasses not only raising public awareness (often about a particular issue) and creating or reforming policies, but also effectively implementing and enforcing of policies. Through advocacy at Lakeshore, we try to influence decision makers to change certain policy, public opinion or attitudes, and/or to mobilize resources for social change.

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Featured Initiatives

Lakeshore/NCHPAD Awarded as Active Schools Partner of the Year

Learn how Lakeshore promotes inclusive physical education and physical activity environments.

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Inclusive Language Article

Learn about person-first and identity-first language

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Global Sports Mentoring Program

Learn how Lakeshore builds strong, reciprocal relationships with emerging leaders.

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What We Do / Our Initiatives

Our advocacy initiatives include local, national and global efforts. Check back frequently to learn about what’s new and how you can get involved.


We are rooted in serving the Birmingham, AL community through initiatives that improve access so all people can live an active, healthy lifestyle.

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We partner with national organizations to promote healthy, inclusive communities across the country.

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We strive to impact the world with initiatives focused on promoting the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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Get Involved in Advocacy

The role of the advocate lies within each and every one of us. There are times when it is our responsibility to speak for many and there are times when you are empowered to be your own voice.

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