Physical Activity Brain Breaks

Boy throws tennis ball

Let’s keep moving!

There are many benefits to staying physically active and even more ways to play. Need some ideas tailored to kids and families? Try our new Brain Break series! Each day this week (April 27 – May 2, 2020) we will add a new video with a quick and easy fitness activity you can do at home.

Parents, before you begin, check out these great recommendations and adaptations from NCHPAD that you can implement for your family’s at-home physical activity.

Brain Break Series

Finger Fitness: Grab a partner and get ready to Brain, Break, Show! in this fitness-focused adaptation of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Finger Fitness Exercise List

Exercise Dice: Math and fitness is a winning combination! Roll the dice and give this game a try.
Exercise Dice Exercise List

Fitness War: Go head-to-head with other members of your household with this new, fitness-focused take on the classic card game.
Fitness War Exercise List

Flip a Coin Fitness: Take your chances with this fun fitness challenge. Heads or tails – you’re going to get in a good workout.
Flip a Coin Fitness Exercise List

What’s Your Name Fitness: Who knew spelling could be a workout? Well now it can! Perform an exercise for each letter of your name and get moving.
What’s Your Name Fitness Exercise List