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2019 SEC Junior Division Championship

Twelve of the top Prep (6 to 13 year olds) and 10’ Varsity (14 to 18 year olds) Division youth wheelchair basketball teams from across the Southeast will compete for the 2019 NWBA Southeastern Junior Division Conference title. All games are free and open to the public. Invite your friends, bring your family, and cheer on the teams!

  • Day One Scores
  • Day Two Scores

10′ Varsity Division
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks vs. Music City Thunder, 46-20
Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets vs. Mississippi Wheelcats, 47-12
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks vs. Lakeshore Lakers, 70-30
Lakeshore Lakers vs. Music City Thunder, 41-22
UAH Chargers vs. Mississippi Wheelcats, 49-32
Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets vs. UAH Chargers, 65-28
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks vs. UAH Chargers, 66-36
Charlotte Jr. Hawks  vs. Lakeshore Lakers, 52-46
Music City Thunder vs. Mississippi Wheelcats, 30-24

Prep Division
Lakeshore Sharks vs. Ft. Lauderdale Sharks, 40-5
Lakeshore Sharks vs. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets – Purple, 35-19
RCP Rollin’ Tigers vs. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets – Teal, 16-6
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks vs. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets – Teal, 22-8
Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets – Purple vs. Ft. Lauderdale Sharks, 42-10
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks vs. RCP Rollin’ Tigers, 24-13
Lakeshore Sharks vs. RCP Rollin’Tigers, 24-5
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks vs. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets – Purple, 26-13
Ft. Lauderdale Sharks vs. Charlotte Rollin Hornets – Teal, 13-7

Prep Division Results

Fifth Place Game
Ft. Lauderdale Jr. Sharks vs. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets – Teal 12-7

Third Place Game
Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets – Purple vs. RCP Rollin’ Tigers 24-12

Championship Game
Lakeshore Sharks vs. BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 22-20

All-Tournament Team
Zach Armas – BlazeSports Jr. Hawks
Khalli Crooke – BlazeSports Jr. Hawks
Hudson Tucker – RCP Rollin’ Tigers
Mary McClendon – Lakeshore Sharks
Adam Smith – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets – Purple
MVP – Sadie Absher – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets – Purple
Hustle Award – Brandon Noblitt

10′ Varsity Division Results

Fifth Place Game
Music City Thunder vs. Mississippi Wheelcats 30-16

Third Place Game
Lakeshore Lakers vs. UAH Chargers 61-32

Championship Game
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks vs. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 57-28

All-Tournament Team
Darian Ross – UAH Chargers
Korey Stokes – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
John Matthew Davis – Mississippi Wheelcats
Eric Francis – BlazeSports Jr. Hawks
Austin Smith – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
MVP Jonah Daniels – Lakeshore Lakers
Hustle Award Renato Jurado – Lakeshore Lakers

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  • Lost & Found is located at the concession stand.
  • Accessible locker rooms are located on the south side of the Fieldhouse, on the opposite side from the main Fieldhouse entrance. Locks for the lockers are not provided and must be removed at the end of the day.
  • Games highlighted in red will be livestreamed on Lakeshore’s YouTube channel.
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