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USA Wheelchair Football League

Two wheelchair football players wearing red helmets play on a concrete court outside.

It’s time to meet your Birmingham Hammers Wheelchair Football team!

In 2020, thanks to generous support from the NFL-Bob Woodruff Foundation Salute to Service Partnership, Move United established the first ever USA Wheelchair Football League. Birmingham was one of nine cities added to the league as an expansion team for the 2021 season including Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Phoenix and Tampa.

While you may be familiar with wheelchair flag football, USA Wheelchair Football takes the game to the next level. This co-ed league plays with more contact, a larger field and touch tackles. Learn more about the league at

Birmingham Hammers logo. A blue "B" in front of a forging hammer. Birmingham Hammers Wheelchair Football in black text beside the graphic.

2021 Birmingham Hammers Roster

Tim Alexander
Austin Banks
Rashad Bennett
David Carr
Phillip Carvalho
Jonah Daniels
Darcy Dixon
WD Foster
Master Hinkle
Quandrius Holt

Montrerius Hucherson
Will Kirkpatrick
Brad Lawler
Bob Lujano
John Mason
Joe Meehan
Christen Mendonca
Akil Muata
Gabriel Palacious
Joon Reid
R.J. Rogers

NFL/Bob Woodruff Foundation Salute to Service Grant Recipient logo