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Our Staff

Adams, Terrie Fitness Specialist (205) 313-7478
Addie, Ezekiel Environmental Services Assistant
Albino, Ryan PT Fitness Specialist
Allred, Jen Chief of Programs & Special Projects (205) 313-7417
Allred, Jerry Head Coach, Varsity Wheelchair Basketball
Staff Badge Altiparmak, Korhan Controller (205) 313-7423
Amato, Barett Membership Specialist (205) 313-7473
Staff Badge Anders, Gerd Instructor
Staff Badge Anders, Sabrina Instructor
Armstrong, ReBe Graphic Designer (205) 313-7458
Arrington, Ervin Environmental Services Assistant
Ast, Sonja Fitness Specialist (205) 313-7486
Barnes, Angela Environmental Services Assistant
Barrington, Cathy Lifeguard
Staff Badge Beck, Davis Lifeguard
Belcher, Amy Patient Engagement Coordinator (205) 313-7432
Berenotto, Josh Front Desk Professional
Berenotto, Laurie Program Support Coordinator (205) 313-7440
Blair, Marie Yoga Instructor
Bonner, Kelly Dir, Training & Operations, NCHPAD (205) 313-7450
Borden, FreDetrice Lifeguard
Brice, Tricia Recreation Assistant
Staff Badge Brown, Theresa Environmental Services Assistant
Bruder, Aimee Front Desk Professional (205) 313-7434
Bunn, Amy Administrative Assistant (205) 313-7456
Staff Badge Chappell, Michael Driver
Cline, Rebecca Sr. Information Specialist, NCHPAD (205) 313-7420
Cook, Cliff Associate Director, Recreation and Athletics (205) 313-7426
Cook, Mary Allison Associate Director, Communications (205) 313-7464
Cox, Kendrick Program Support
Creel, Allen Maintenance/Security Guard
Downs, Dwight Associate Director, Development (205) 313-7425
Dunlap, Arthur Environmental Services Assistant
Durbin, Caroline Recreation Assistant
Edwards, Matthew Aquatics Specialist (205) 313-7472
Edwards, Penny Information Specialist (205) 403-5507
Evans, Amy Grants/Financial Projects Coordinator (205) 313-7481
Evans, Kristen Associate Director, Development (205) 313-7482
Staff Badge Farley, Austin Lifeguard
Fasshauer, Tara Instructor (205) 403-5514
Fitten, April Aquatics Specialist
Franklin, Andrian Environmental Services Assistant
Staff Badge Frederick, Emily Coach
Gammon, Lacey Nutrition Coordinator, NCHPAD (205) 403-5451
Gardner, Savannah Assistant Coach, Wheelchair Basketball
Greene, Billy Head Lifeguard (205) 313-7427
Hagood, Kathy Instructor
Harbin, Katherine Fitness Specialist (205) 313-7489
Harchelroad, Susan Head Lifeguard (205) 313-7427
Hare, Susan Fitness Specialist (205) 313-7462
Staff Badge Hinkle, Master Coach
Hudlow, Caroline Recreation and Athletics Specialist (205) 313-7443
Staff Badge Jackson, Olivia Lifeguard
James, Darrienne Lifeguard
Jones, Matt Recreation Assistant
Kamber, Daniel Front Desk Professional (205) 313-7411
Kane, Brandon Lab Coordinator (205) 403-5524
Kemp, John D. President & CEO (205) 313-7441
King, Kris Athletic Trainer (205) 313-7435
Staff Badge King, Redell Coach
Kinnebrew, Jacob Development Coordinator
Kirkland, Shai Accounting Assistant (205) 313-7439
Kutik, Carol Director, Fitness and Health Promotion (205) 313-7414
Lawler, Brad Front Desk Professional
Lewis, Michael Driver
Liptak, Timothy Maintenance Coordinator (205) 313-7463
Lujano, Bob Information Specialist, NCHPAD (205) 313-7431
Lujano, Windy Director of Aquatics (205) 313-7471
Mackey, Christopher Sr. Project Coordinator, NCHPAD (205) 403-5449
Mackey, Shane Lifeguard
Mallard, Emily Aquatics Coordinator (205) 313-7467
Mansouri, Behzad Program Evaluator (205) 403-5512
Marks, Edwin Driver
Martinez, Alex Project Coordinator, NCHPAD (205) 313-7442
Miller, Cathy Chief Operating & Financial Officer (205) 313-7413
Miller, Kelsey Research Assistant (205) 403-5523
Mitchell, Susan Front Desk Professional (205) 313-7410
Moore, Liz Director of Communications (205) 313-7418
Muata, Akil Recreation Assistant
Nuttall, Beth Instructor (205) 403-5515
Opkins, Sharon Aquatics Specialist (205) 313-7469
O’Hare, Amelia Information Specialist, NCHPAD (205) 403-5450
Payne, Taylor Recreation Assistant
Perry, Cliff Maintenance Mechanic (205) 313-7492
Perry, Lauren Recreation and Athletics Coordinator (205) 313-7454
Staff Badge Potts, Heather Driver
Powell, Virginia Recreation Assistant
Price, Brad Maintenance Mechanic (205) 313-7491
Price, Rhonda Accounting Coordinator (205) 313-7419
Staff Badge Putman, Kile Coach
Rauworth, Amy Chief of Dev. & Strategic Partnerships (205) 313-7487
Reid, Joon Recreation Assistant
Riggins, Cara Information Specialist, NCHPAD (205) 403-5545
Rimmer, Diane Instructor (205) 403-5513
Roberts, Josh Recreation Assistant
Robinson, Cassandra Environmental Services Assistant (205) 313-7465
Robinson, Elissa Recreation Assistant
Rowe, Meagan Associate Director, Recreation and Athletics (205) 313-7459
Russell, Crystal Health Promotion Coordinator (205) 313-7448
Ryan, Leon Director of Development (205) 313-7416
Salter, Jaylon Environmental Services Assistant
Scalici, Mary Margaret Instructor
Sewell, Stephen Lifeguard
Shearer, Sandra Executive Assistant (205) 313-7441
Sides, Kelly Digital & Social Media Specialist (205) 313-7479
Smith, Debbie Director, Human Resources (205) 313-7438
Smith, Mary Teresa Aquatics Specialist (205) 313-7468
Spurlin, Courtney Training Coordinator (205) 313-7449
Sullivan, Tommy Head Coach, Wheelchair Rugby
Tanner, Doug Director of Facilities (205) 313-7490
Theriot, Lori Recruitment Coordinator (205) 313-7455
Thomas, Clifford Driver
Thomas, Kimberly Environmental Services Assistant
Tubbs, Allison Dir, Inclusive Public Health Practice, NCHPAD (205) 313-7447
Tubbs, Stephen Graphic Designer
Tucker, Linda Front Desk Professional (205) 313-7410
Tune Chief Canine Officer
Staff Badge Uhlman, Elizabeth Ann Recreation Assistant (205) 790-7971
Vance, Huett Environmental Services Assistant
Vanzandt, Josh Fitness Coordinator (205) 313-7453
Vaughan, Sharon Payroll and Benefits Specialist (205) 313-7476
Veazey, Damian Associate Director, Communications (205) 313-7428
Watkins, Lori Recreation and Athletics Coordinator (205) 313-7429
Welty, Rob Recreation and Athletics Specialist (205) 313-7457
Staff Badge Williams, Kyndal Lifeguard
Williams, LaShonda Environmental Services Assistant
Staff Badge Wolfe, Thomas Lifeguard
Staff Badge Woods, Reginald Lifeguard