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Our Outdoor Spaces

Lakeshore’s Outdoor Spaces are part of the newly completed Campus Enhancement Plan that features three new outdoor elements: the Campus Commons, Woodland Trail and the Allison and Michael Stephens Contemplative Garden. These spaces are designed to improve campus connectivity and provide more opportunity to explore, engage and enjoy the outdoors. Throughout the planning and construction process, we worked with our designers, partners and members to ensure these spaces would be accessible and used in many different ways. We encourage you to learn more about these spaces and enjoy all they have to offer.

Aerial Map of Lakeshore outdoor spaces

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Explore, Engage, Enjoy

Elevate your heart rate by completing one of the three 0.3-mile loops beginning at the compass located in the Campus Commons.

Stroll or jog along the tree covered Woodland Trail, which features a semi-cushioned sealed rubber pathway and elevated wood-plank bridge overlooking the Contemplative Garden. Seating areas along the path provide nice spots to stop and enjoy nature.

Take a moment to be mindful in the Contemplative Garden. The sound of the water feature and natural landscape create a peaceful and rejuvenating space.

Winding concrete path and gathering space with seating areas surrounded by grass

Shaded wood plank bridge overlooking Contemplative Garden

The Campus Commons is the hub of our campus. This paved open space connects buildings, pathways and offers a meaningful gathering place in the sun or the shade and a grassy lawn for additional activity. Multiple water features and native plant life serve to cool the area in warmer months. A compass in the center of the Commons is the starting point for three .3-mile loops that lead you through the new elements of campus and to the outlying buildings and campus organizations.

The Woodland Trail is a meandering tree-lined path that connects the Campus Commons and upper parking lot to the Contemplative Garden. The flat semi-cushioned sealed rubber pathway and elevated wood-plank bridge make it perfect for a stroll or a jog. Seating areas along the path provide nice spots to stop and rest or enjoy a picnic under a shade tree. Take the trail from the entrance in the upper parking lot down to the Contemplative Garden and back for a .3-mile distance.

Green garden with rocky water feature and walking path

A hill covered in flowers and plant life

The Contemplative Garden is a serene location situated at the end of the Woodland Trail and across the street from The Cottages of Lakeshore. The sound of the water feature and natural landscape of rocks and greenery create a peaceful and rejuvenating space. The elevated pergola overlooking the water is a great spot to practice mindfulness, yoga or read a good book. Move around the semi-cushioned sealed rubber pathway to examine the native plant life.

The Plantings and Landscaping for our outdoor spaces were selected for seasonal interest and successional bloom. Large native deciduous trees provide shade, fall color and support a rich ecosystem of butterflies, caterpillars and birds. Smaller ornamental flowering trees provide early spring color. Late season autumn foliage compliment the evergreen pine and cedar groves. Additional shrubs and plantings were selected for their varied foliage, fragrance and bloom times.