Our Future

White awning covers the main entrance to Lakeshore at duskEach day we work to use our time, energy, expertise and resources to be a leader in advancing our mission to encourage and provide opportunities for people with disability to live a healthy lifestyle through activity, research, advocacy and health promotion.

Strategic planning has long been an important and effective tool in our evolution. Our previous plan guided our progress that led to the construction of new facilities, integration of technologies to expand our reach, and growth of our work in advocacy and research.

Our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan is not a radical shift in the work of the recent past, but it builds upon those experiences and lessons. It should result in a sharper focus, better understanding of Lakeshore’s work internally and externally, greater measurable impact, the use of technology as a major tool in service delivery, refinement of our messaging, and most importantly, move us closer to a world in which every person has the opportunity to achieve a healthy, active, independent life.