About Lakeshore

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Vision & Mission

Vision: A world in which every person has the opportunity to achieve a healthy, active, independent life

Mission: To provide opportunity for individuals with disability to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, research, advocacy and health promotion

Values: Passion, Creating Opportunities, Integrity, Changing Expectations

Our History


Jefferson Tuberculosis Sanatorium Formed

Lakeshore has a rich history rooted in providing opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities.


Transition To Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital Completed

In 1973 the Sanatorium transitioned to Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital.


Lakeshore Foundation Formed

The Birmingham Chariots wheelchair basketball team was Birmingham’s first adapted sports team.


Lakeshore Today

Today Lakeshore has become an internationally renowned organization.

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Our Future

We constantly work to use our time, energy, expertise and resources to be a leader in addressing the needs of people within our mission while developing new opportunities for a lifelong path to wellness.

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Our Team

Lakeshore staff member runs with homemade celebratory torch while others cheer her on in the background

Our Team

Our team is the heart of our organization and their dedication and passion for our members, supporters and each other are what make Lakeshore thrive.

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Headshot of John D. Kemp

Our Leadership

Our executive leadership brings decades of experience to Lakeshore and the community.

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Group photo of Lakeshore Junior Board outside on a sunny day

Board of Directors

We have an esteemed Board and Junior Board who are essential to the success of Lakeshore.

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