2022 Scholarship Renewal

Every two years, Lakeshore requires that all scholarship recipients re-certify their scholarship for the upcoming year. The re-certification deadline for 2022/23 is September 2,2022, and the process is outlined below:

1. Complete a new scholarship application.

You will receive an application in the mail, or you may download the application. Please complete the application and return it, along with financial documentation (step 2) and proof of residency (step 3), no later than September 2, 2022. You may drop the application and documentation by Lakeshore’s Member Services Desk or email it to . If your information is not received by September 2, your membership will be cancelled on September 31, 2022.

2. Submit Financial Documentation.

In addition to your financial assistance application, you will need to submit recent documentation regarding your household income. One of the following documents is acceptable to include with your scholarship application.

  • Copy of last year’s W-2 or a Social Security tax statement
  • Copy of paycheck stub
  • Copy of a social security award letter
  • Recent copy of a bank statement

3. Submit proof of residency.

All primary members and any family members who are listed on the membership must also provide a proof of residency (i.e. driver’s license or state issued IDs for adults and school records or copy of birth certificate for children) that they reside within the same household as the member who is awarded the scholarship. Proof of residency is to be submitted with the financial documentation and scholarship application at the Member Services Desk or by email at . Any member who fails to submit this documentation will be subject to having their membership cancelled.

4. Receive notification.

Once the application and all supporting documentation has been received, please allow two weeks for processing. You will receive notification of the result via mail. Should your scholarship award change from your previous award, this change will take effect as of October 1, 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: Scholarship award amounts are subject to change depending on application and supporting documentation received.

5. Update information.

If any of your contact information has changed, or you do not currently receive Lakeshore e-mail communication like weekly member updates, facility/pool closing, etc. please stop by the Member Services Desk to update your account information.

If you have any questions about scholarship renewal, please email or call 205-313-7437.