2017 National Volunteer Week

Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Hess

Eric has been a member of Lakeshore’s Junior Board since 2014 and currently serves as the President. This year he is also chairing the Junior Board’s Amazing Race—their largest fundraising event of the year. Learn how you can participate in Lakeshore’s Amazing Race.

Here’s why Eric loves to volunteer at Lakeshore:

“My experiences with the Lakeshore Foundation have been positive from the start! I began volunteering with Lakeshore during high school; I always enjoyed the time is spent volunteering and felt extremely fortunate to be able to help others. I also learned valuable life lessons and the importance of giving back at a young age. Those experiences stayed with me through the years, and I was able to continue my relationship with Lakeshore as a member of the Junior Board”.

“The culture of volunteerism and inclusion at Lakeshore is incredible. What I enjoy most about volunteering with the Lakeshore Foundation is the positive impact you make on the lives of others. Some of my favorite times are spent playing a game of pick-up wheelchair basketball or sitting with a member sharing stories and laughing together. While those may be small examples of the overall bigger picture, they are the times that have had the greatest impact on my life”.

Volunteer Spotlight: Katie MeGahee

Katie began volunteering with the Lakeshore Foundation in December of 2016 and has been an active member of the volunteer team, assisting with youth programs as well as youth and adult recreation tournaments.

Here’s why Katie loves to volunteer at Lakeshore:
“Sports and recreation activities have always provided me with the best opportunities to learn more about myself and how to overcome challenges. I volunteer at Lakeshore to help others feel that same level of challenge and success! Being able to watch a Paralympian train and compete in my own backyard is a phenomenal experience. The best part about Lakeshore is the numerous opportunities to make a difference in other people’s lives. No matter what your personal strengths are there is always a way to help”. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Jo Fowler

We are proud to kick off National Volunteer Week by recognizing and thanking our longest tenured volunteer, Jo Fowler. Thank you Jo and all of our volunteers for your incredible contributions to Lakeshore! We, like many of our amazing referees, celebrate all that Jo has done to positively impact our organization. From the countless tournaments and thousands of athletes that have competed over the years, we thank you! Click here to see Jo’s final tournament to referee at Lakeshore–this year’s Pioneer Classic.