The Lakeshore 150

Ever wondered how much cardio exercise you should be getting?

Back in April, we kicked off a 10-week incentive program called Lakeshore 150.  Members are challenged to accrue 150 minutes of cardiorespiratory exercise each week. This corresponds with the guidelines set forth by national organizations in health and fitness: ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), AHA (American Heart Association), and CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Throughout the program, there are weekly heart healthy activities or bonuses in which members can participate. These activities have included blood pressure checks, snack-and-learns (nutrition and cardio exercise) and ways to add variety to cardio routines.  Members are encouraged to track their minutes every week to be entered in weekly prize drawings. Those completing at least eight out of the 10 weeks will receive a T-shirt.

Already, over 150 members have shown great dedication to the program.  Many of them are logging more than the recommended minimum of 150 minutes.  In some cases it’s being doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled! But it doesn’t stop there; we’ve also got a lot of positive feedback from members too. Many are saying it’s just what they needed to keep them motivated for their workouts. Some are even making the time to come in even when they don’t feel like it, just to make sure they get their minutes in. A handful of members have also lost a few pounds, due to increasing their amount of cardio exercise and being consistent with their workouts.

So, my question for you is, “Are you getting your weekly 150?”

Written by Fitness Specialist Jason Diaz