Lima Foxtrot

“LIMA FOXTROT” is the brand name adopted by Lakeshore to describe what has become one of this country’s premier, comprehensive, year round, sport, fitness, and recreation programs for severely injured members of our Armed Forces who were injured post 9/11. Initiated in 2006 in response to the significant numbers of injuries from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, LIMA FOXTROT has served over 1,800 injured servicemen and women and their families, from thirty-six states and territories. Through LIMA FOXTROT these young men and women use lessons from sport and recreation to learn how to pursue life after injury.

In one sense, “LIMA FOXTROT” simply represents the organization providing the programs, “L”akeshore “F”oundation. However, LIMA FOXTROT also represents the spirit of Living Fit, which describes the outcomes associated with participation in these programs. Further, LIMA FOXTROT reminds us all of what the courage of these men and women means to our daily lives, Liberty and Freedom.

Interested in supporting Lima Foxtrot programs for injured military? Please contact Patti Lovoy at or (205) 313-7483.

For more information or to register for Lima Foxtrot programs, contact Susan Robinson at or (205) 313-7461.

For more information on volunteering for Lima Foxtrot, contact Amy Belcher at or (205) 313-7432.


Operation Night Vision is a camp held at Lakeshore specifically designed for injured military personnel with visual impairment or blindness. This Operation is funded by the EyeSight Foundation of Alabama and Wounded Warrior Project.

Operation Down Home is designed to introduce the entire family to recreational sports opportunities. This camp is unique in that it reaches out to not only the injured military participant but to the entire family component. This Operation is funded by the Wounded Warrior Project.

Operation Alpha is designed to appeal to recently severely injured servicemen and women who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. This is event held on the Lakeshore Campus and offers multiple sports and recreation activities. This Operation is funded by the Wounded Warrior Project.

Operation Refocus is a new program designed specifically for women who have served in our Armed Forces and sustained injuries.

Operation Rise & Conquer is an exciting outdoor recreation program held at Lake Martin, Alabama. This Operation is funded by the Wounded Warrior Project.

Wounded Warrior Project is a proud supporter of the above Lima Foxtrot programs.

Operation Endurance enables local servicemen and women who have sustained a severe injury during active duty ongoing access to Lakeshore’s membership programs at no cost. This Lima Foxtrot program is available for all injured who have sustained a service-related injury, regardless of when they served.