Health Resources

We understand that every person’s path to physical activity and a healthy lifestyle is different. Some may find Lakeshore through the UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative, others through competitive athletics. Many people may never be able to visit Lakeshore’s campus and use our facility, but that does not mean they cannot be active and healthy. We work to provide resources so our local members and nationwide guests can achieve their goals.


Building Healthy, Inclusive Communities

NCHPAD_logo_with websiteLakeshore is home to the CDC-funded National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD). Since 1999, NCHPAD has been successfully implementing a comprehensive, inclusive health promotion agenda targeting the over 50 million Americans with a disability. As the premier resource for information on health promotion and disability, NCHPAD works to create health equity for people with disability by providing individualized information, referral and consultation services to people with disability, families, caregivers, policymakers, and community members along with tailored training and implementation facilitation for health care practitioners, fitness and public health professionals through an array of web-based materials and health communication endeavors. NCHPAD provides information and resources that can enable people with disability to become as physically active as they choose to be.

NCHPAD continues to enhance connectivity and information sharing by closing gaps in communication between disability service providers and local, county, and state public health programs. The Center focuses on building inclusive communities that provide people with disability equal access to and opportunities for healthy living by implementing policy, systems, and environmental changes that increase access to physical activity, healthful food, and healthy weight management initiatives. NCHPAD features a variety of resources and services, which can benefit all ages and populations and can be found online at

Lakeshore Life

LakeshoreLifeLogoNewWhite-01From the beginning, Lakeshore’s mission has been to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for individuals with a physical disability or chronic health condition.

In 2001, when our current multi-purpose facility opened, it revolutionized how and who we served. Since 2001, more than one million facility visits have been made, and membership has grown to more than 3,000 individuals who receive inclusive membership packages, which offer more than 50 classes, programs, camps and competitive sports for youth and adults. With the addition of the UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative, National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD), and the policy and public affairs department in 2012, Lakeshore’s ability to share our message dramatically increased.

Among all of the diverse programs and opportunities available, Director of Fitness and Health Promotion Carol Kutik noticed that each department had its own method of motivating individuals and promoting Lakeshore’s mission. All of these methods were effective and specific to each program, but Kutik wanted to make sure Lakeshore’s ever-present culture of health and physical activity was consistently visible from the front desk to the shooting range.

This desire, which was echoed by many Lakeshore staff, became one of Lakeshore’s 2016 Annual Performance Objectives, and from the objective, Lakeshore Life was born.
Lakeshore Life is a health promotion program designed to reach all Lakeshore members and staff from the youngest to the oldest member. Lakeshore Life not only focuses on the physical activity component of a healthy lifestyle, but also the nutritional component. In the fall of 2015, thanks to a grant from the Hill Crest Foundation and an in-kind donation from CRC Insurance, a new Lakeshore Life nutrition program was developed called Lakeshore Food and Fitness or LF2.

The program is comprised of two components to reach a wide range of Lakeshore members. The first component of LF2 is a 10-week fitness and nutrition program. Each participant in the program meets with a fitness specialist to record baseline fitness measurements, receives a Fitbit® to use during the program, and attends weekly nutritional meetings.

For members who are unable to participate in the 10-week program, a Healthy Eating Series was developed. The series features monthly hour-long snack-and-learn sessions open to all members and staff on topics related to nutrition. Topics covered in the sessions are similar to the topics introduced in the 10-week program like sodium and sugar intake and how to read a food label.

Over the past 40 years, Lakeshore has grown far beyond our walls of classes, programs and activity. Lakeshore has created a culture of unlimited possibility and success that stretches worldwide. Lakeshore Life aims to unify us all around Lakeshore’s mission and motivate us to achieve our best.