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Local Initiatives

Universal Trail Access Project

Lakeshore, in partnership with the Alabama Trails Commission, was awarded a grant from the Recreational Trails Program funded by the U. S. Department of Transportation and a grant funded by the Curtis & Edith Munson Foundation to conduct a pilot program at Oak Mountain State Park. The pilot included the purchase of state of the art trail measurement technology, assessment of 32 miles of pedestrian trails, implementation of Trail Access Information signage throughout the park, and training of professionals and user groups on the Universal Trail Assessment Process. Now, Oak Mountain State Park features 40 signs that serve as nutritional labels for the trails, marking grade, elevation changes, width of pathways and surface hardness. People of all ability levels can use these signs to determine the accessibility of the trails and choose which will be best for their hike. Lakeshore is aiming to train more Universal Trail Assessors and spread this pilot to other trails and parks across the state.

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Durable Medical Equipment Access

Lakeshore’s policy and public affairs department is working to bridge the gap between durable medical equipment (DME) providers and people who use DME. A diverse group of men and women who use DME as well as parents of individuals with disabilities participated in four small focus groups to discuss their experiences obtaining DME. The information gathered will assist in generating a dialogue between DME users and those who inadvertently create barriers to DME use.



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Person First Language Tool Kit

Words have the power to educate and empower our society. They can also change the lives and perspectives of individuals with disability in the Birmingham area and beyond. Because of this, Lakeshore’s policy and public affairs department created a toolkit to promote the use of person first language by local media and other audiences. This toolkit acts as a guide for media personnel to use the proper words and set appropriate notions when interviewing or speaking about individuals with a disability.

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Design 4 Disability


Lakeshore desires to eliminate the barriers to physical activity participation by working locally to support improved accessible public transportation options. In order to help promote these efforts Lakeshore received a grant from the National Center for Mobility Management. With this grant we hosted two Charrettes. The first brought together 15 agencies and three transportation providers to examine the needs of people with a disability. In the second Charrette, stakeholders with disability met to discuss ways to improve access to health and transportation in their local area.

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Global Initiatives

Women With Disability in Sport Roundtable

Thirty women from 14 states and two different countries were invited to Lakeshore for the Women with Disability in Sport Roundtable to gather qualitative data surrounding the needs of women with disabilities in sport. The diverse group of female athletes with a disability and those who work within the field of adapted sport began a dialogue and worked across specific content areas to generate common themes as well as highlight gaps within the sports movement. The roundtable served as a starting point for the development of goals and strategies which will provide a roadmap to navigate the inclusion of women and girls with disability in leadership, coaching, sports administration, officiating, mentoring, media visibility and community engagement.

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Inclusion by Design Awards

In January 2016 Lakeshore, in partnership with the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities Task Force on Physical Activity and Sport, UNICEF, the Institute for Human Centered Design and the American College of Sports Medicine launched the Inclusion by Design Impact Awards in Sport and Physical Activity. The award was set up to inspire and share best practices around the world that demonstrate excellence and innovation in their approach to achieving more inclusion for children and adolescents with disabilities. Winners of the award include the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed in Bangladesh, The Inclusion Club, Ltd. and No Barriers USA.

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Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities (GPcwd)

Amy Rauworth, director of policy & public affairs serves as the co-chair for the GPcwd task force on physical activity and sport. The mission of the Physical Activity and Sport Task Force is to promote mechanisms for cooperation and collaboration to enhance policies and programs that promote the right for children with disabilities to inclusive physical activity, physical education, sport, recreation and play in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and other relevant human rights legislation. The GPcwd Task Force is committed to advancing the rights of children with disabilities to all forms of physical activity and sport through policy, advocacy and strategic communications.

In 2016 the task force launched and awarded Inclusion by Design Impact Awards. The awards were set up to inspire and share practices around the world that demonstrate excellence and innovation in their approach to achieving more inclusion for children and adolescents with disabilities.

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Call to Action on Walking

On September 8, 2015 the United States Surgeon General issued a call to action to promote walking and walkable communities. As a leader in the promotion of physical activity for people with disability, Lakeshore was pleased to play a role in the launch event and thrilled to be mentioned in the Surgeon General’s announcement.

We were also able to provide an inclusive walking story from a Lakeshore member in a Partner’s Guide to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities published by CDC.  http://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/walking/call-to-action/pdf/partnerguide.pdf  A resource used in the Call to Action.

Watch the webcast of the Surgeon General’s call to action here: http://www.nchpad.org/howiwalk/webcast-of-step-it-up/

In support of the Surgeon General’s call to Action NCHPAD launched the How I Walk Campaign. This campaign highlights the many unique ways people may walk including people with a disability who may use alternate modes of transportation. Lakeshore members played a vital role in contributing to campaign graphics and video.

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United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Realizing the Right to Sport and Physical Activity in 2015 and Beyond

Advocacy Staff at the United Nations

The Institute for Human Centered Design, Lakeshore Foundation, American College of Sports Medicine and the International Disability Alliance hosted a side event during the Eighth Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This event focused on the right to sport and physical activity for persons with disabilities and provided information on new resources for States Parties and CSO’s. An additional feature was the showcasing of low-cost sport wheelchairs available through Motivation and the International Paralympic Committee that allow for more community based Programs.

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