2018 USQRA Heartland Sectional

Nine USQRA wheelchair rugby teams will compete for the 2018 USQRA Heartland Sectional title and a spot at the 2018 USQRA National Championship Tournament in April. This tournament will be a pool play format, with teams being reseeded at the end of each day. The top four teams will qualify to nationals. All games are free and open to the public. Invite your friends, bring your family, and cheer on the teams! #Heartland2018

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  • Day One Results
  • Day Two Results
  • Day Three Results

On day one of the 2018 USQRA Heartland Sectional Wheelchair Rugby Tournament, nine teams took to the courts to compete for the tournament title and a spot in the 2018 USQRA National Championship Tournament in April. Tournament format consisted of three pools of three teams.

The top seeds in pools A and C, the Minnesota Steelheads and Grand Rapids Thunder, cruised to 2-0 records for the day. The Chicago Bears and Lakeshore Demolition both finished 1-1 and retained their No. 2 ranking in pools A and C. Lakeshore started the day against a tough Grand Rapids squad. They stayed within reach throughout the first two periods, down just 22-26 at the half. But in the third, the Thunder pulled away and won 54-39.

The Ohio Blitz, who came is as the third seed in pool B, upset the rankings with wins over Detroit Wheelchair Rugby, 50-43 and St. Louis Spartans, 40-38. The highly ranked Spartans finished 1-1, but still have a chance to qualify to nationals. Cumberland Quadcrushers, Detroit Wheelchair Rugby and Kansas City Revolution all finished day one 0-2 but will look to bounce back in day two and break into the qualification pool.

Tomorrow, crossover play begins as the teams aim for a spot in Sunday’s qualification and championship pools in order to punch a ticket to the USQRA National Tournament. Don’t forget to check out our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages for photos and videos from #Heartland2018.

Grand Rapids Thunder 54, Lakeshore Demolition 39
Minnesota Steelheads 55, Cumberland Quadcrushers 16
St. Louis Spartans 52, Detroit Wheelchair Rugby 40
Minnesota Steelheads 62, Chicago Bears 27
Lakeshore Demolition 49, Kansas City Revolution 42
Ohio Blitz 50, Detroit Wheelchair Rugby 43
Grand Rapids Thunder 55, Kansas City Revolution 32
Chicago Bears 52, Cumberland Quadcrushers 34
Ohio Blitz 40, St. Louis Spartans 38

Day two of the 2018 USQRA Heartland Sectional Wheelchair Rugby Tournament began with crossover games, as the teams vied for a spot in Sunday’s championship pool play and automatic bids to the USQRA National Tournament.

Top seeds Minnesota Steelheads and Grand Rapids Thunder continued their dominating performances from day one and remain unbeaten in tournament play. Both teams finished the day 4-0 and as the No. 1 seed in their respective pools. The Ohio Blitz and Lakeshore Demolition finished 3-1 to maintain their No. 2 rankings in pool play. Lakeshore kicked off day two with a 55-39 win over the Blitz, and a 49-28 victory over a tough opponent in the Cumberland Quadcrushers.

The Chicago Bears are 2-2 heading into Sunday. The Bears had an impressive game against Detroit Wheelchair Rugby, winning 59-44. Kansas City Revolution and St. Louis Spartans are 1-3 for the tournament and look to make a comeback statement on the final day of play. Cumberland Quadcrushers and Detroit Wheelchair Rugby sit 0-4 on the eve of Championship Sunday. Don’t count these two teams out just yet, an upset or two may be on the horizon.

Which teams are in the hunt for the tournament title and qualification spots for Nationals? Games begin at 8 a.m. tomorrow. Come enjoy some great wheelchair rugby action. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for photos and videos from #Heartland2018.

Chicago Bears 59, Detroit Wheelchair Rugby 44
Minnesota Steelheads 50, St. Louis Spartans 31
Ohio Blitz 53, Cumberland Quadcrushers 25
Grand Rapids Thunder 56, Detroit Wheelchair Rugby 33
Kansas City Revolution 47, St. Louis Spartans 45
Lakeshore Demolition 55, Ohio Blitz 39
Grand Rapids Thunder 58, Chicago Bears 37
Minnesota Steelheads 51, Kansas City Revolution 36
Lakeshore Demolition 49, Cumberland Quadcrushers 28

Congratulations to the Minnesota Steelheads, champions of the 2018 USQRA Heartland Sectional Tournament at Lakeshore this weekend. Our very own Lakeshore Demolition finished in second place going 4-2 during the competition and Grand Rapids Thunder took third place. Congrats to all the teams on a great tournament!

Sunday Scores

Detroit Cobras 49, St. Louis Spartans 41
Minnesota Steelheads 51, Grand Rapids Thunder 41
Chicago Bears 55, KC Revolution 44

Detroit Cobras 47, Cumberland Quadcrushers 37
Lakeshore Demolition 40, Grand Rapids Thunder 27
Chicago Bears 50, Ohio Blitz 40

St. Louis Spartans 43, Cumberland Quadcrushers 25
Minnesota Steelheads 54, Lakeshore Demolition 39
Ohio Blitz 52, KC Revolution 49

Final Results

1st place – Minnesota Steelheads

2nd Place – Lakeshore Demolition

3rd Place – Grand Rapids Thunder

4th place – Chicago Bears

5th place – Kansas City Revolution

Best In Class

0.0 – Eddie Crouch (Tennessee Quadcrushers)

0.5 – Matt Milstead (Grand Rapids Thunder)

1.0 – Kathryn Mahoney (Chicago Bears)

1.5 – Ryan Engelby (Minnesota Steelheads)

2.0 – Daniel Pitaluga (Ohio Blitz)

2.5 – Clayton Brackett (Lakeshore Demolition)

3.0 – Chris Hull (Chicago Bears)

3.5 – Lars Martens (Grand Rapids Thunder)