2018 NWBA Southeastern Junior Division Conference Championship

Eleven of the top Prep (6-12 year olds) and 10′ Varsity (13-18 year olds) Division youth wheelchair basketball teams from across the Southeast will compete for the 2018 NWBA Southeastern Junior Division Conference title March 3-4. All games are free and open to the public. Invite your friends, bring your family, and cheer on the teams! #SECchamps2018

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  • Day One Schedule
  • Day Two Schedule

On day one of the 2018 Southeastern Junior Division Conference Championship, 11 of the top Prep (6-12 year olds) and 10′ Varsity (13-18 year olds) Division youth wheelchair basketball teams from across the Southeast took to the hardwoods.

The Prep Division saw close competition between its veteran teams and rookie upstarts. The Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (purple) retained their top ranking with a 3-0 start to competition. Close behind, Lakeshore Sharks finished the day 3-1, with a three-point loss to Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (purple) and one-point victory over BlazeSports Jr. Hawks. First-year program Roger C. Peace Rollin’ Tigers and veteran program BlazeSports Jr. Hawks both finished the day 1-2.

In 10′ Varsity play, the BlazeSports Jr. Hawks showed why they are the No. 2 ranked team in the nation with dominating performances over Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets, Mississippi WheelCats and Music City Jr. Thunder. The Lakeshore Lakers also had a strong day, finishing 2-0 with solid victories over UAH Chargers (60-32) and Music City Jr. Thunder (70-14). Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets opened competition with a loss to the Jr. Hawks but bounced back with victories over the Mississippi WheelCats and UAH Chargers. Finishing day one with a 1-2 record were the UAH Chargers. The small but mighty Music City Jr. Thunder opened with the toughest schedule of the day and finished 0-3 along with the Mississippi WheelCats.

Day one scores:
10′ Varsity
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 53, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 26
UAH Chargers 38, Music City Jr. Thunder 16
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 52, Mississippi WheelCats 31
Lakeshore Lakers 60, UAH Chargers 32
Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 53, Mississippi WheelCats 36
Lakeshore Lakers 70, Music City Jr. Thunder 14
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 54, Music City Jr. Thunder 16
Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 56, UAH Chargers 32
Lakeshore Lakers 56, Mississippi WheelCats 17

Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (purple) 21, Lakeshore Sharks 18
Roger C. Peace Rollin’ Tigers 12, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (teal) 6
Lakeshore Sharks 20, BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 19
Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (purple) 30, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (teal) 12
BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 22, Roger C. Peace Rollin’ Tigers 10
Lakeshore Sharks 30, Charlotte Rollin Hornets (teal) 12
Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (purple) 33, BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 24
Lakeshore Sharks 22, Roger C. Peace Rollin’ Tigers 1

Tomorrow is Championship Sunday! Come out to support the teams and see who takes home the #SECchamps2018 title.

The 2018 Southeastern Junior Division Conference Championship featured two days of competitive, sharpshooting action from some of the nations top Prep and 10′ Varsity teams. Congratulations to all of the teams on a great tournament.

The Prep division was dominated by the Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (purple), who took on the Lakeshore Sharks in the championship game. The Rollin’ Hornets (purple) had a significant lead through three quarters, but the Sharks dug deep and made some clutch shots during the fourth quarter. In the end, the Sharks came up a bit short losing 20-38. Over in 10′ Varsity play, the Lakeshore Lakers began the day with a tough two-point loss to the Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets, which sent them to the third place game to face the Mississippi WheelCats. The team rallied from the loss to secure a solid 46-28 win and third place trophy. The BlazeSports Jr. Hawks showed once again why they are the No. 2 ranked team in the nation as they faced the Rollin’ Hornets in the championship game. The Jr. Hawks built a comfortable lead in the first half and never looked back, winning 65-29.

Final Standings
10′ Varsity
Champion – BlazeSports Jr. Hawks
2nd – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
3rd – Lakeshore Lakers
4th – Mississippi WheelCats
5th – UAH Chargers
6th – Music City Jr. Thunder

Champion – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (purple)
2nd – Lakeshore Sharks
3rd – BlazeSports Jr. Hawks
4th – Roger C. Peace Rollin’ Tigers
5th – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (teal)

All-Tournament Team and Individual Awards
10′ Varsity
Miles Hill, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
Elizabeth Becker, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
Tyler Tippins, Lakeshore Lakers
Rontes Williams, Mississippi WheelCats
Darian Ross, UAH Chargers

MVP – Samuel Armas, BlazeSports Jr. Hawks
Hustle Award – Phillip Lindsey, Mississippi WheelCats

Tanner Adkins, BlazeSports Jr. Hawks
Preston Howell, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (purple)
Hudson Tucker, Roger C. Peace Rollin’ Tigers
Landon Benton, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets (purple)
Zachary Armas, BlazeSports Jr. Hawks

MVP – Seth Horne, Lakeshore Sharks
Hustle Award – Samuel Escalante Morales, BlazeSports Jr. Hawks

Many thanks to all of the volunteers, sponsors, teams and fans that helped make this event a success! #SECchamps2018