2018 Pioneer Classic

Join us January 12-14 for one of the nation’s premier wheelchair basketball tournaments, the 31st annual Pioneer Classic. The tournament features 13 adult and five youth teams from across the country including Lakeshore’s own adult and youth teams, the Storm, Lakers and Sharks. All games are free and open to the public. Invite your friends, bring your family, and cheer on the teams!
  • Day One Recap
  • Day Two Recap
  • Final Results

Opening day at the 31st annual Pioneer Classic featured 18 games to kick off the 2018 edition of one of the nation’s premier wheelchair basketball tournaments at Lakeshore Foundation. Teams in Division II and Division III hit the court to begin their journey toward Championship Sunday. In Division II the Tampa Bay Strong Dogs finished the day 2-0 and the Charlotte Rolling Hornets were 2-1. Over in Division III Shepherd and Mobile were a perfect 3-0, followed by Orlando at 2-1.

Friday Scores
Memphis 46, Music City 36
Ft. Lauderdale 61, Lakeshore 35
Tampa Bay 66, Charlotte 48
Charlotte 58, Music City 30
Memphis 49, Lakeshore 37
Ft. Lauderdale 54, Auburn University 31
Charlotte 66, Memphis 44
Lakeshore 42, Auburn University 36
Tampa Bay 50, Ft. Lauderdale 46

Orlando 44, Auburn 35
Mobile 42, USM 21
Shepherd 56, Tampa Bay 11
Shepherd 54, Orlando 29
Mobile 48, Auburn 24
Tampa Bay 55, USM 33
Shepherd 58, Auburn 31
Mobile 51, Tampa Bay 20
Orlando 32, USM 30

Day two of the 31st annual Pioneer Classic Wheelchair Basketball Tournament saw a full schedule of games with DII, DIII, 10′ Varsity and Prep all taking the court. Today’s action also featured some fierce competition and several close match-ups, which were decided by only a few points.

Lakeshore’s 10′ Varsity team finished the tournament with a 1-1 record. The team battled in their loss to the BlazeSports Jr. Hawks Varsity from Atlanta, and came back to dominate their game against the UAH Chargers from Huntsville. Lakeshore’s Prep team went 2-0 for the tournament, with two impressive performances against the BlazeSports Jr. Hawks Prep from Atlanta.

Saturday Scores
Ft. Lauderdale 58, Music City 28
Tampa Bay 62, Lakeshore 28
Memphis 51, Auburn University 36
Music City 45, Lakeshore 42
Memphis 59, Tampa Bay 51
Charlotte 50, Ft. Lauderdale 44
Tampa Bay 57, Auburn University 44
Memphis 43, Ft. Lauderdale 56
Charlotte 54, Lakeshore 44
Music City 39, Auburn University 31

Auburn 31, USM 26
Orlando 37, Tampa Bay 18
Shepherd 33, Mobile 54
Tampa Bay 18, Auburn 30
Shepherd 64, USM 13
Mobile 56, Orlando 30

10′ Varsity
Lakeshore 32, Atlanta 54
Atlanta 46, UAH 26
Lakeshore 44, UAH 16

Lakeshore 18, Atlanta 6
Lakeshore 24, Atlanta 15

On Sunday DII and DIII champions will be crowned with the championship game for both divisions beginning at 11:30 a.m. The teams that play for the DII title will be determined by the winners of Charlotte vs. Auburn University and Music City vs. Tampa Bay. Both games begin at 8 a.m. The losers of those games will play at 9:45 a.m. for third place. As for the DIII teams, the stage is already set. Tampa Bay will take on USM at 8 a.m. for fifth place, Orlando will play Auburn at 9:45 a.m. for third place, and Mobile will battle Shepherd in the Championship game at 11:30 a.m.

The 31st annual Pioneer Classic Wheelchair Basketball Tournament is in the books with three great days of competition in Divisions II, III, 10′ Varsity and Prep match-ups. Congratulations to all of the teams on a great tournament.

Today’s Championship games did not disappoint with excellent play from DII and DIII teams. The DII game saw Tampa Bay take on Charlotte in an exciting, tightly contested match-up. Late in the game Tampa Bay was able to capitalize at the free throw line, edging out Charlotte 55-52. The DIII game between Mobile and Shepherd was hard fought and very competitive. In the second half Mobile had the hot hand and was able to pull away, beating Shepherd 54-39.

Final Standings
Divison II
Champion – Tampa Bay Strong Dogs
2nd – Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
3rd – Ft. Lauderdale Sharks

Division III
Champion – Mobile Patriots
2nd – Shepherd Stealers
3rd – Orlando Magic Wheels

All Tournament Team and Individual Awards
Division II
1.0-1.5 Richard Travis, Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
2.0-2.5 Blake Loften, Auburn University
3.0-3.5 John Snyder, Ft. Lauderdale Sharks
4.0-4.5 Jake Wiig, Memphis Rollin’ Grizzlies

Best Sportsmanship – Chris Goodwin, Lakeshore Storm
MVP – Robbie Gorden, Tampa Bay Strong Dogs

Division III
1.0-1.5 Rodrick Jones, Tampa Bay Strong Dogs
2.0-2.5 Brent O’Grady, Shepherd Stealers
3.0-3.5 Brian Foley, Mobile Patriots
4.0-4.5 Phillip Eddins, Mobile Patriots

Best Sportsmanship – Patria Brown, Shepherd Stealers
MVP – Anthony McDaniel, Mobile Patriots

Many thanks to all of the volunteers, sponsors, teams and fans that helped make this event a success!