Personal Training

While each new member receives a complimentary one-on-one orientation with a Fitness Specialist, some individuals desire additional personal attention. All of the Lakeshore Fitness Specialist staff members hold national certifications in personal training and are available to guide you through your exercise program, progress and adjust to your unique abilities and goals, and motivate you on the days when it’s easy to say, “Not today”.

More and more people are working with a personal trainer because they offer a safe, effective and motivating way to increase strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and independence.

Contact Carol Kutik at 313-7414 or gro.e1524180105rohse1524180105kal@k1524180105lorac1524180105, or Josh VanZandt at 313-7453 or gro.e1524180105rohse1524180105kal@v1524180105auhso1524180105j1524180105.  For personal training rates/packages, more information or to set up your personal training plan.

  • One-hour session $43.00
  • Six, 1 hour sessions $228.00
  • Twelve, 1 hour sessions $432.00
  • Six, 1/2 hour sessions $138.00
  • Twelve 1/2-hour sessions $252.00