About Us

“Here at Lakeshore, our job is to provide the expertise, facilities, equipment and programs

to maximize the return on our members’ investment of time and energy ensuring

they can be as healthy, active and independent as possible.

There can be many barriers to engaging in regular physical activity,

especially if you have a physical disability or chronic health condition,

but Lakeshore is prepared to help you face and overcome some of these barriers.”

~Jeff Underwood, president of Lakeshore Foundation

Lakeshore is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which serves people with physical disabilities throughout Alabama, across the country and around the world. Since 1984, Lakeshore has helped advance and promote the impact of positive, long-term physical and emotional effects of physical fitness on people with disabilities. From infants to seniors, to injured soldiers and elite-level athletes, every participant is free to discover his or her own potential.